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Our Values and Behaviours of Courage, Excellence, Equity and Joy are a declaration of our core beliefs and the defining features of a culture that drives achievement. They reflect the enduring character of Pfizer and its people.

“Culture is the most important thing we can get right.” – Albert Bourla, Pfizer Global Chairperson and CEO

At Pfizer, our purpose is to bring breakthrough’s that change patients’ lives. But breakthroughs are not only scientific; they are also logistical, technological and operational so we can deliver our breakthrough medicines and vaccines into more patients’ hands across the world even faster and to deliver on these breakthroughs requires a breakthrough mindset. It is for this reason that Pfizer has identified courage, excellence, equity and joy as its core values that will enable our purpose-driven growth strategy. Informed by these values our diverse team works daily to provide all Kenyans with access to global scientific innovation that can help them to live longer, better lives.


Breakthroughs start by challenging convention...especially in the face of uncertainty or adversity.


This happens when we think big, speak up and are decisive.


Every person deserves to be seen, heard and cared for.



This happens when we are inclusive, act with integrity, and reduce healthcare disparities.

We can only change patients' lives when we perform at our best together.

This happens when we focus on what matters agree who does what, and measure outcomes

We give ourselves to our work, and it also gives to us.

We find joy when we take pride, recognize one another, and have fun.

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